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Goddess Necklace

This Goddess Necklace was designed to catch and reflect light. Just like the goddess that you are, you reflect, catch and represent light. When you wear this necklace, be reminded of your captivating beauty, inherent worth and magical presence. Every person is divine light and has their own aura, and this necklace was designed to represent that!

If you would like to request, this particular piece, please see the form at the bottom

This necklace is handmade out of sterling silver, 14k rose gold fill or 14k yellow gold fill. It is hammered by hand and shaped to create an elegant crescent shape! The regular goddess itself measures about 1.5 inches long, and the mini is 1 inch long. Please note that the pendant size and appearance will vary slightly as each one is handmade. No two are alike! These are meant to sit a little higher on the neckline around your collarbone! 

These are dainty, shiny necklaces and are shaped to be the perfect crescent! Please do not bend or re-shape it as it could damage the necklace. Don’t be afraid to wear it everyday though! This is meant to be worn daily!

Please choose length in the your drop down menu! Length is measured end to end when the necklace is opened. Length and chain size for each person depends on their frame (just like clothing!) so if you’re not sure, we recommend measuring something you have already or with some non-stretchy string! These necklaces are slightly adjustable. For example, the 15/16 inches can clip with a ring built into the chain so that it can be worn at either 15 inches or 16 inches. 

You are the glow of the moon, the warmth of the sun, and the light of the stars. You are a Goddess. Hammered to catch light, this boho style necklace is the perfect dainty piece to wear every day.