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What makes your necklaces so different?
Long story short, we pour a lot of love into these pieces and they are made from literal sheets of precious metals. No blanks are bought and this is what we pride myself in! Read more here

Can I wear them every day? How do I care for my pieces?
Here is some info about care. Confession: Jessica personally wears hers 24/7! Gold fill will NOT flake, peel or turn. Unless you take a knife to it, Gold Fill is the best alternative to "solid" gold. It is regulated and can even be recycled for money as it has precious metal content! We only use ethically sourced 14k Gold Fill and only use the best for these necklaces! HERE is some info on Gold Fill! Here at Mint & Birch, we only use solid sterling silver. Here is some info about sterling silver!

What's the difference between stamping and engraving?
They're both different methods of creating customizations in the precious metal! Here is some more info and a video that shows the difference!

Can you engraved my loved one's writing on child's drawing?
ABSOLUTELY! We can do that for you! All we need is a photo of the sample.

Can they be double sided?
Yes! Bars and select discs can be double sided! 

What is a handlettered "proof" you speak of?
It's basically a preview! Jessica will hand letter something specifically for YOU and draw it out at least 4 times so you can pick your favourite to be engraved on a necklace! See HERE

What length(s) should I get?
Check out the Size Guide!

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Can you adjust or repair my necklace?
Absolutely! We are so glad you asked! Sometimes people take our necklaces to be repaired or adjusted elsewhere and cause irreversible damage to the necklace. Please see here!

Are you taking custom drawings on at this time?
They are taken on a case by case basis. However, Jessica can do handlettered pieces for you and have several designs that I have drawn for you to pick from! You can request something here. Or, if you feel artistically inclined, you can print off this template and try your hand at designing your own piece! You may also have someone design something for you, as long as you are given the rights to it to have put on a necklace!

Are you offering local pick up?
Pick up is temporarily suspended.

What is your turnaround time?
Please see here.