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Hand Lettered Oval Necklace

This listing is for a hand lettered oval necklace! This is as custom as it gets! Jessica will personally hand letter your necklace with scripted calligraphy! *** Please do not use this link unless we have sent you a proof. Please do not upload anything other than Jessica's proofs - your request will be cancelled as we will not be able to complete it. *** 


STEP 1: Jessica will hand letter for you!
Request your proof HERE. (A proof is a mock up and I will draw four different options to pick from! You will need a proof before you can order this necklace.) 

STEP 2: You pick your favourite!
After you receive your proof, pick your favourite design and come back to this listing to order! We will email you all the information needed when we send your proof to you!

Choose from 4 different Oval Sizes:
Tiny Oval: 4x6mm
Little: 6x8mm
Middle: 8x10mm
Tall: 10x14mm