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Giveaway Full Details

Mint & Birch occasionally hosts giveaways (sweepstakes). It will be for a prize outlined in the wording on the giveaway post on social media. There will be reposts of the "giveaway" post to remind people to enter or to provide extra chances of entries. 

Entrants are to be 18+ and no minors. Entrants from regions where sweepstakes are not prohibited are not eligible. 

Duration of giveaway will be outlined on giveaway post (usually most recent one). 

Entry rules are outlined in the giveaway post. (most recent)

Winner is drawn at random. Skill testing mathematical question may be required to claim prize. 

Winner will be given a chance to redeem prize via a code issued. This code will be valid for a minimum of 1 week. Winner will  be responsible for using this on our website.  Winner will redeem prize from our website and shipping either will or may need to be paid.