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The Ollie Swaddle


Today I received something that gave me a much needed break from baby: The Ollie Swaddle. When Juliette was born, she loved to nap in her bassinet without needing us to hold her. We thought was too good to be true, since our first two children were basically allergic to anything that resembled a crib. We thought it was too good to be true- and it was. Since she turned 6 weeks, she's refused to sleep alone. Until I received The Ollie Swaddle today in the mail. Thank you, Hindi for this sweet gift! Let me tell you- this swaddle works. She even likes to be swaddled in it while awake. It seems to calm and soothe her as she takes in her surroundings.


Right out of the box, the packaging is simply adorable. I squealed when I opened the box! The Ollie Swaddle is unlike any other swaddle blanket on the market. Hindi has designed this with function and style in mind. The material is soft and silky, and also naturally wicks and repels moisture to prevent overheating of baby. The velcro on the blanket is also generous in size- I'm not worried about this swaddle outgrowing Juliette anytime soon. The velcro is also strong. For some reason, all my babies like to break out of swaddles, but Juliette was as snug as a bug in this one! And my other favourite feature: the bottom opens up while Juliette is swaddled so that I can change her diaper while she's swaddled and asleep!


When I received this in the mail, I was eager to open it up to put Juliette in it. At first, I was just going to take some photos... but she fell asleep in it within a second of being swaddled. On the carpet. I guess she wanted to do photos on the carpet! She entered into a peaceful sleep and I was able to take photos of her! Hindi has designed a swaddle that is not only highly functional, but is easy and simple to use. In fact, she designed this when she was a foster parent to a little boy who was not thriving. After Hindi designed this blanket for Oliver, her foster son, he began to thrive, grow, eat, and sleep well. There is something therapeutic about being swaddled, and this Ollie Swaddle does just that!

I also want to take a moment to describe the material that this swaddle is made out of. It's silky smooth, light, and breathable. It's not just any old jersey fabric. I can tell that it truly wicks moisture away from baby. How do I know? Juliette started spitting up in the middle of these photos, and I thought that I'd have to throw it in the wash right away and take photos later. However, the fabric was able to handle it. When I touched the spot that she had spat up on, I could tell that the moisture was wicked away already, allowing for the spit up to dry quickly- the spit up did in fact dry up quickly. You can't even see it in the photos anymore! This swaddle is worth every penny, and is made out of a high-end, high quality material that you can feel and touch.


The Ollie World recently introduced four new colours into their line: nature, stone, lavender and sky. They are beautiful, light colours designed to calm and soothe baby! I'm just in love with every single colour and when Hindi asked me if I wanted one, I had a little trouble deciding which colour I wanted. By the way, she never asked me to write this blog post! I wanted to do it because I want to share this wonderful blanket with all of you. I still cannot believe my little girl fell asleep within seconds after being swaddled! In fact, she's swaddled right now, happy as a clam as I write this blog post.


Would you like one of your own? Make sure you visit their website along with their social media feeds! Hindi donates a portion of every swaddle sold to National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children to help children affected by thrive!

Instagram: @theollieworld
Twitter: @theollieworld

 All opinions are my own and I received the product for free, but this post has been done because I wanted to share!