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3 Things to Put on a Personalized Bar Necklace

3 things to put on a personalized bar necklace

Developing your own unique sense of style can be tricky. You want to choose pieces that are timeless, but you also want to stand out a bit. The way you dress sends a message to the world, but more importantly, it reminds you of who you are.

A number of different studies have shown that if you want to gain a specific character trait, the best way to do it is to pretend that you already have it. For example, if you want to be a more empathetic person, pretend that you already are and before you know it, you’ll be displaying that personality trait!

The same is true of the way we dress. The things you choose to wear not only make a statement to the outside world about the type of person you are, but they can help to reinforce your idea of who you are and how you fit into the world.

Bar Jewelry is the Perfect Way to Make a Statement

A personalized bar necklace looks good with pretty much everything, making it a perfect piece to wear whether you’re looking for some everyday jewelry or you want to save it for something special. Of course we’d advocate for the former! Each and every piece you’ll get from Mint and Birch is designed to be a part of your style on a daily basis.

It’s subtle and classy, but at the same time it’s personal to you. That’s a win/win no matter how you look at it.

Wondering What to Put On Your Personalized Bar Necklace?

A Special Coordinates Necklace

Putting GPS coordinates on jewelry is a classy move to make because its meaning is known to you alone. And, of course, anyone you tell! You could choose to have us add the coordinates of the restaurant of your first date with your spouse, the location of your childhood home, or even the coordinates of a favorite city.

The possibilities are endless, but regardless of what you choose, having us add coordinates to a necklace is a great way to personalize a necklace to suit your own unique style.

A Few Meaningful Dates

Whether it’s the date of your wedding anniversary, your child’s birth date, or something else entirely, adding a date to a piece of bar jewelry is another great way to make it your own. The truth of the matter is that you can probably think of a handful of dates that are important to you and the good news is that we think stacking a couple of different necklaces is an incredible look.

After all, people layer clothing all the time for a specific effect and adding another necklace or two around your neck is a great way to make your own unique statement as well.

The Initials of You and Your Sweetheart

Of course you can go with an old classic like adding your initials to your own customized bar necklace. It’s the modern day equivalent of carving them into a tree, but in this case, you get to wear them around like a badge of honor.

It’s hard to imagine anything more timeless than a symbol of the love between two people and we think that adding your initials to a piece of jewelry is a great way to make it a little bit more personal. Sure, a simple bar necklace looks good on its own, but add something to make it unique and it just gets that much better, wouldn’t you agree?

Order Yours Today

Whether you opt for a gold bar necklace with coordinates or a personalized silver back necklace with the names of your kids, we think that you’ll absolutely love what you get from us at Mint and Birch. We use only the highest quality materials to make each of our pieces and it’s our goal to make a product that stands the test of time--and that looks incredibly good doing it!

Don’t hesitate totake a look at all of our pieces because we offer a number of other incredible pieces of jewelry as well. From our circle necklaces to our beloved Forever Mama pieces, we think that anyone can find something to love. And just like we mentioned above, we think that mixing a couple of different pieces looks great, so order a couple for yourself and mix and match to your heart’s content!

Fromgold triangles with custom prints tofloral antlers on gold circles to a cutesucculent stamped bar necklace, we truly do have something for everyone.

In the meantime, you can keep track ofwhat we’re up to on Insta orlearn a bit more about Mint and Birch and what makes us tick. Either way, we’re glad to have you here and we can’t wait to make you your next favorite piece of jewelry.