• This listing is a hand-lettered proof! I will personally hand letter and script something in my writing, with a pencil in hand just for you. 

    I will email your proof back within 2-5 business days, often the same day if I am able to! Once I send your proof back, you can pick your favourite design to order the necklace!

    Please request the following options for each word or name. These are not fonts, but my writing with a pencil! 

    Scripted (default)
    Printed (I will use lower/uppercase as you type it, ie: JANE, Jane or jane, so please specify!)
    Printed with a whimsical mixture of upper/lowers (see images for samples)
    Mix the options above for each name or word

    Please be specific in your request! Depending on your request, you will either get variations of 4 of the same designs or a couple of different options. Please note that these proofs are only for words and not custom drawings, but you can pick from the drawings that I have already done in the photos below!

  • BAR: If you want a double sided bar, let me know what you want for each side. You will get 2 options for each side. You can pick from any of our bar sizes: Confetti (0.75 inch), Petite (1 inch), Standard (1.5 inches) or Luxe (1.75 inches). They are all 0.25 inches tall. 

    DISCS: Discs require me to take a little more creative freedom, especially if there are more than 2 words on a disc! If you need 3 or more names on a disc, I may need to change up the order of names indicated. Depending on your name and how many up/down swings there are in letters such as g, t, y, b, etc., I will have to move the names around and curve the baseline so I can maximize the amount of space that I can use! Please be specific with your request on how open you are to allowing me to take creative freedom. 

    For discs with lots of names, you need to allow me creative freedom: exaggerated, loops, larger/smaller letters, dancing baseline to make words and names fit into each other, some names starting with uppers/lowers as I need to get them to fit nicely into one another, fitting like puzzle pieces!

    If you want the names to appear in a certain order, the name will not fit like puzzle pieces.  

    HEART: If you want a heart pendant, please let me know how you will want to hang (on the side, straight across, etc.) If you’re not sure, you can just leave it up to me and I'll design it for you!

  • The cost of the proof does not include the necklace. The cost of the proof covers my time and artistry. For this reason, I ask you to be as specific as possible in your proof request. If you are not specific with your request, I will take creative freedom! 

    If you are not specific, I cannot read your mind as to what you would like. I do love creative freedom to draw something for you, but I am not a mind reader! I want to make it just as you envisioned it! If you need a second proof done because you were not specific, you will have to put in another proof request as I will have to re-start.

    For example, please make sure you specify if you want names to begin with capital letters or if you want hearts between the names!

    If I make an error, I will always amend it at my cost.

    The cost of the proof is TIME. I sit down for hours at a time to create these proofs, and time is something that cannot be given or taken back. Please respect my time as well as yours in being as specific as possible with your request so that I can create your proof as you envisioned the first go!

    Please do not order a proof unless you have the intention of ordering.


    These are handlettered by Jessica. The file sent to you cannot be used or reproduced for anything outside of purposes for Mint & Birch. It may NOT be used for commercial or personal use, use, printed out, or electronically shared. We retain ownership and copyright to any artwork sent to you. By purchasing, you understand that you will respect this. If this is not agreed to or we if you unlawfully use my artwork, you will be sent an invoice of an amount to be determined by me. If the invoice is not paid, further actions will be taken. Please respect this. Thank you!


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